5 Jan 2012

Cats and Spiders

 While working on planting a  vegetable patch yesterday, these strays came around looking for food. They're very familiar with Nel who feeds them quite regularly.

This is quite the baby still and Nel's favourite.

 This is the dominant cat who tries to hoard the food.

As for  Charlotte our spider, she's still in her web. Amazingly she's not left us, perhaps she thinks this is the better place and she wants to be here forever. She still watches me paint and is very patient in allowing me to take shots of her. Her eggs have hatched!

This is a creative attempt at dressing Charlotte in purple.

These below are some of her babies...they're everywhere on the same plant. My girls think that's good coz they'll keep mozzies away, but I think they might also keep visitors away if they keep multiplying. haha...

Try as I did, I couldn't get a very good micro shot of her babies, here's my best attempt as seen below..
Yup..this is the baby magnified several times. For right now, they're just about 1mm long.


marie said...

My Lila wants a cat so badly. I wish we had one that came around, it would make her day.

gail said...

Isabella wants a cat, too. She was looking at the pictures with me.

Martha said...

ok Marie and G...go get a cat. or should I ship you one of the strays from here? haha..

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