1 Jan 2017


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Written by Nel.

We decided to pay a trip to the exotic island of Langkawi for our 2016 coop field trip.

This was our transport throughout the whole 4 day trip! An Ursvan van fit for 14 people.                    

We had a really joyous time together in the van, singing silly songs and telling jokes and laughing our heads off. I think we would be best described as uncontollable and exuberant children!


Having googled all about Langkawi, we concluded that we should go on one of those cable cars people always talked about on travelling websites. On the 2nd day, we took a sky cab (it was kind of expensive but still worth the experience) over the valleys and mountains of Langkawi to.....

The sky bridge!

The view was breathtaking! Mountains surrounded us from all directions at different angles., 
 We inhaled the cool, refreshing air into our lungs. There were tons of heart shaped locks and key chains hanging on some parts of the sky bridges side railing. (A great place for people for taking selfies, just kiding!) But yes, there were quite a number, but still considerd not so much, tourists dawdling back and forth on the bridge taking photos.
One really cool fact about this trip is that even though my mum gets nervous around heights, She made it!! All the way across and back, we were so proud of her!  Trust my mum to overcome her fears!                                            
We raced each other back to the cable car!

On the 3rd day, we rented a boat to take us across the river along... The

Saw this cool mountain, looks like a human with a large chin. Haha...
We chugged along a swampy kind of background. I mean it wasn't muddy, but the trees alongside the river had really long roots, reaching out of the water as well as long branches. Our boatman stopped awhile near a monkey infested area to let us feed the monkeys and a monkey hopped unto our boat screeching for food! It was so cute standing on its hind paws and reaching out with nits cute and warm little hands to us children for more food. Hilariously, the adults (well some of them) were the ones scared of the monkey. 

We visited the Art in paradise Museum! It has very detailed and cool Art!

I totally enjoyed that awesome, full of close friends holiday..!

Written by Nel
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