16 Jan 2012

More poetry writing

Nel seems to enjoy poetry and has written a few more. She tried Alliteration today and came up with this:
Grumpy Goblins
Grumpy Goblins Grumble
Grumpy Goblins Grumble Grouchily
Grumpy Goblins Grumble Grouchily, Grumpily
(By Nel)

She also wrote the following about her dog:

Couplet....by Nel

Now, Jo seeing her sister at work started brainstorming in her head too....so over lunch, she made this up.

Alliteration by Jo

Jo's also started a little journal thingy, and her first entry is simple a picture depicting the ballet concert we went to, "White Bat." My girls enjoyed it, but because the plot was quite complicated (A love triangle) and all told in dance without words, I had to answer lots of questions.

Finally, Jo received this during Christmas and we're using it for the moment for her devotion time. She's drawn now a hummingbird in a nest. Her current favourite birds...KingFisher, hummingbird and the Eagle.
In the kitchen...both my girls are almost independent. They switch on and off the stove by themselves, make their own omelet, stir fry vege and cook rice. :) I'm proud of them.

Written on my FB on the 12th January 2012
My children are cooking lunch while I take a break here. Yesterday was the first time they were left alone in kitchen. At one point they had some popping flying eggs when they accidentally added water in hot butter/oil. I heard screaming, banging of doors as they fought over who to shut off the stove fire to prevent more popping. Later Jodie told me "Mum we fought coz we were afraid, we shouted bad words at each other, called each other sissy and banged the door. BUt after we managed to shut off the stove, we hugged each other and laughed." hehehe... Ok..here's to day 2 of em cooking. Awaiting to taste.....:)



marie said...

I love all their creative poetry. I try and parent like you, give my kids opportunities to learn and grow and become independent. Love that they fessed up to the bad words, so cute.

Divoo said...

what lovely poetry! keep posting these snippets... they are so much fun to read! :)

FiSh SzeHui said...

your children are really good! ;) how did you manage to train them so well?

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Yee Ling said...

Kudos to your kids!

Martha said...

thank you all. :)

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