16 Jan 2012

Pesto Rosso

When we were in Italy end of 2010, I had lots of pesto...Pesto Rosso, Pesto Genovese...I loved it. I love Pesto, and so I remember ordering lotsa pasta with pesto, while my hubby would always go with traditional Bolognese, not as adventurous as me. Anyway, I miss Pesto so much, I decided to make some pasta with it today. For a change, I decided to try a different recipe and looked at this particular one  here. 

Then I did my own modifying it a little here and there. Ah...it satisfied my craving for Pesto.

 First mix together cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, Green onions, Olive oil, pepper and salt.

 Then  add  "baby" brinjal, sliced (may omit if you hate em). I stir fried these with chopped garlic, sliced chicken fillet (marinated with salt and dark soya sauce and a  tinge of vinegar), asparagus and some spinach.

Then I added the pasta and the vege mixed earlier, added a whole bottle of pesto rosso, a little pesto genovese, salt, pepper, and fried it all a little longer. Finally topped it with cheese. Satisfied. :)


Justine said...

Looks amazing. Good job mama!

Kiddothings said...

I love pesto too! I make basil pesto often and here's my recipe if you'd like to try it..


gail said...

Oh, yum! I don't know what some of the things are you put in it but it looks delicious!

marie said...

That looks utterly delicious. I can't believe I used to hate tomatoes when I was young. I can't get enough now.

Martha said...

thank yo JT and Gail.
@Germ, I checked out yor recipe. looks simple enough. :)
Marie: Same here..used to hate tomatoes..love em now! :)

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