4 Feb 2012

Visiting Pottery Factory 7th Mile Kuching

When Nel was just a toddler we visited a pottery factory in Kuching. We decided to revisit the place.

1st stop. Delicious Crispy Chicken Noodle (at Ta Wan Kung/ Big Bowl)

Arrived at pottery place. Got crazy over the SHOP! But decided to control.....first factory visit.

We discovered that the factory no longer uses the potter's wheel as they used to few years back. Now clay is piped into moulds from these machines. That way, they can produce a lot more vases in less time.

Various moulds to create different varieties of vases, and some moulds to create  shapes of animals.

Here the vases are "smoothened" down by various people. Uneven and sharp edges are carefully reshaped and evened out.

The process of carving is still traditionally done by hand. Notice the marks of "hot cup" on his back...probably therapy for back pain.

One of the works of the carver above.

This lady worked on smaller vases. She said she could carve about 20 vases a day!!! 
I'd be done at one. :)   Lines are drawn to mark points and then carved free hand. Jo was really intrigued by this and kept watching, we had to drag her away from this station.

Here's Nel helping to mix the paint..quite a thick, creamy texture.

Jo had a go too...and I think she has plans to be an alchemist. She sat and sat and sat...and wouldn't budge from here. She just loved it, just like how she loves cooking.

This is the painting station.

Here they're stacking vases, ready to go into the kiln.

This is the kiln..., different, from our visit some years ago where we saw them placing the vases into a "chamber" heated by firewood. Now it's gas.

Beautiful end products but too heavy to bring back.

In the end these were or purchases. 2 cat cups for me, 2 rabbits for Nel, 2 baby chicks for Jo and a beautiful sssssnakey..sssssalt sssshaker for me. Also a thermometer for our upcoming study on weather. Looking at my girls' purchases, I think they're taking after me in my love for Knick Knacks! :)



gail said...

That meal looks delicious! I would really enjoy a trip like this.

Has Nel gone through a growth spurt recently? She looks so tall!

marie said...

I genuinely have to say I am so inspired by all of your fun and creative outings. Let your girls know that Marie said they are so lucky to have such an awesome Mother.

Those pottery Artists are amazing, what talent! I did notice the cup marks, very interesting.

My little Lila would have loved those little ceramic cats.

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