27 Feb 2014

Muzium Negara- Orang Perak

Our Science Coop has been studying Forensic Science for the past few months. The wonderful thing about forensic science is that it introduces lots of sciences to the children, from the study of human anatomy to flame tests in chemistry to calculation of density etc.. A topic we'll be covering soon will be the study of bones in forensic science. So in relation to this topic we decided to visit the National Museum for a class session on the Orang Perak. You can find out more about their classes on their website.  The best thing is that, the session is entirely free, and you gain free entrance to the museum too.

They provided three activities which were cave painting, making accessories with ancient shells (which were found buried with the orang perak), and excavation as well as information about the orang perak.

Jewelery making, taking about accessories used in ancient times.

Cave painting, with charcoal. Reminded me of a session I did with my kids a long time back, where we painted with real soil

Learning about Perak Man and excavation, which was an interesting talk.

The children really enjoyed this field trip!

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16 Feb 2014

Kuda Kepang

Feb 16th  -Publika Black Box

I've always wanted to watch a Kuda Kepang show, to find out more about this particular form of dance. So when we found out that a Kuda Kepang troupe from Johor was gonna perform at Publika, we went. Well, I won't describe in detail what my children thought of the show, but basically, they preferred the Wayang Kulit outdoor show that we attended at Rimbun Dahan last year.
 I guess, burning of incense and smoking among performers indoors made the Kuda Kepang show a little unbearable. I found the show intriguing but a lil "chaotic" three quarters through when the performers began going into trances. Anyway, a few photos from the show.

Kuda Kepang

Sharing a cigarette before the show

Holding a coconut, and eventually biting husks off as performer gets into a trance.
Female performer in a trance

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14 Feb 2014

Art- Sculpting horse with Paper clay

Happy Cap Goh Mei, and Happy Valentines Day!!

We spent our morning creating fun art which the children really enjoyed. When the kids begged to do art, I thought, it'd be nice to do something about horses, since according to the Lunar Calendar, it is the year of the Horse!

Well upon googling, I stumbled upon the works of Deborah Butterfield, who is famous for her sculptures of horses made out of wood and metal. Since that might prove a little too difficult for us, I thought paper marche and twigs would be nice.

So we googled for a recipe, and found a really great recipe for Paper marche clay meant for sculpting here.  (I'd advice adult supervision if younger children are making the clay as it has contents like wall filler/ putty, and PVA glue, and make sure to wear gloves when making it.)

Based on the recipe, we made our own clay out of tissue paper, wall putty, PVA glue, flour and oil. To add texture, we added sand, twigs, dried grass etc to into our homemade clay.

Our clay all ready!

The children then drew a picture of a horse on their paper, painted the background, then began filling up the horse area with clay.

Nel sculpted her clay with her hand and the back of a brush.

My work in progress

Jo just couldn't work with gloves and decided to work with both hands. She used the blade on a pair scissors to help her get fine lines. (I made sure she washed her hands thoroughly after!)

To finish of the art, we gathered more dried stuff from the garden and decorated the background/horse with it. Our final product.

My completed work.

Nel's. Simple and beautiful..gives me the feeling of a horse on a hill on a windy day.

 Jo's (pic a little blur.)....a flying unicorn of course! :)

 Happy Year of the Horse and may the year be a great one for you!

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6 Feb 2014

I'm proud of my girls who rescued these abandoned babies...4 of them, from skinny scrawny (almost drowned) creatures, to these beautiful four kittens. They did well...stuck to their responsibility of feeding and cleaning regularly. Today, somebody came and adopted all four. It was with heavy heart we let them go. The older one cried all night, but was happy we found them a good home, and is joyful now, knowing we can still visit them. The little one is upset....but we knew it was best they went together so they'd grow up together. I'd say, animal rescue has taught my girls a lot of things, especially compassion, kindness and responsibility.

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