5 Jun 2016

Camping Hutan Lipur Lentang

Together with friends from the HS scouts group we went for a one night camp at Hutan Lentang.
It was one that was activity packed for the children. Building their own bamboo table, learning to weave their own ropes, swimming at the river and waterfall, carving their own swan out of apples and lots of fun games. They were supposed to have a survival night, but alas, it rained. So they ended up singing songs and telling tales.
Jo, K and a new scout, An shared a tent, while Nel slept with us in our larger tent. 
The girls had their own territory, and they made the boys dig a large trench around their territory, and paid the boys in form of twigs! :p   haha..
All in all a short but really enjoyable trip!

The girls built their own campfire, which was just right for marshmallows so in the end...almost all the kiddos who went formed a tight circle around the fire, roasting their own marshmallows.

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