10 Jan 2012

update on spider, caterpillar and baby plants

We met  Charlotte Our Spider  several weeks ago when she was still a young spider. We watched her build her web, noticed her growing larger, watched her protect her nest. Then 2 weeks later we noticed baby spiders and thought they were hers.

Because we thought they were hers we decided to take down the "empty nest". So I plucked down the nest for the children to have a look and we left it on the table. Lo and behold, the very next morning, we noticed about 8 brand new baby spiders crawling out of and around her nest!! So the other baby spiders weren't hers I guess. Well.....as for Charlotte our spider, she went missing about 2 days ago. We hunted for her but couldn't find her. I guess after a month she's decided that it was time for her to go.

The empty nest after the babies hatched

Charlotte's baby hovering near the nest

A new spider on our plant just wrapping its web around the catch of the day

While gardening the other day, we found this green caterpillar crawling on our fence, strange to be so far away from any plant! We decided to keep it for a while. Well...again, lo and behold (haha), the very next day...we checked in the morning to find that it'd turned itself into a pupae!!! It's day 4 now of being a pupae. We're very excited! :)

As for Jo's garden which we worked on last weekend, baby plants have begun to sprout. :)

I think these are baby pak choy

and this a baby pumpkin

Something Jo drew yesterday while Nel worked on more poetry


Kiddothings said...

That last one can be your new blog header ;)

I thought the mother spider dies after it lays her eggs?

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Yeah I think what Germaine said is right.

Jo can really draw very well!

Mini Mocha said...

Yes I thought Blog banner too!

Divoo said...

wow, such details about a spider! the stuff i get to see here is what i might not get to see in real life. :)

Jo's drawings are super!

marie said...

Love the Kangaroo, my son is always drawing me pictures. Thanks for the reminder about a garden, I am determined to make one work this year.

Martha said...

hope yor garden works this year Marie. As for blog header, tried it..but it didn't seem to work..unclear. will try another. thanks folks. :)

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