24 Aug 2011

Missing Cinque Terre

For some reason, I'm missing this lovely and beautiful place in Italy and the lovely time spent with my hubby there :) . Some photos below.

Along the walking trail
I just love the colours of this quaint little town (5 towns actually, all connected by train)

If my memory is correct, this is Riomaggiore from a distance

Vineyards everywhere. We went late autumn, so this was all that was left, however, we got to taste very fresh delicious wine! Though not really a wine drinker, I've to admit, I loved the dessert wine Sciacchetra. Here's a description found on About.com.
" Because of Sciacchetrà, a dessert wine made by selecting the best grapes from the harvest and setting them to dry on mats (like Vinsanto). Drying concentrates the sugars in the grapes, which are pressed during October. The resulting must is fermented, and what emerges is an amber-colored nectar, with a flowery bouquet and an intriguing taste - though sweet, it can have a fairly dry finish, and is an excellent dessert wine. Its complexity increases with age and it can be a rare treat."
Very fresh fruits, and  I've never tasted grapes as sweet and delicious as the grapes of Cinque Terre. Yummm...

Beautiful Olive groves everywhere! 

I love quaint shops, and just enjoyed walking into all these interesting shops found in different alleys.

The ocean in Cinque Terre roars! Powerful waves and just beautiful rock formations. Strangely, sitting there, listening to the crashing waves gave me a feeling of serenity and peace.

Olives about ripe for picking

 Dessert made of pine nuts

 My memory fails me..can't remember what this was called..but it had fresh seafood, avocado and herbs. Delicious!

Riomaggiore again.

Spot the fisherman? Notice his striking red bag against the rocks and vast ocean
Ahh...Cinque Terre...I will be back someday! For your beauty, and for your dessert wine. haha..


Kiddothings said...

Oh you were in Italy too?! My hubby and I went to Rome, Florence and Venice for our honeymoon - love, love, love the country and food!
These are lovely pictures! It looks very wet and rainy. I wish to go back to Italy too someday.

Jade said...

What a coincidence! We were so close to this area this past fornight, starting in Nice and travelling over the Italian border and round as far as Genova. I really wanted to go to Cinque Terra but it was a little too far as we had a wee one with us.

The villages in this area are just beatiful, I have so many pictures to sort through and posts to write!

Thanks for sharing your memories of this beautiful place.

Have a lovely day,

Jessica said...

What great pictures. I can never pass up a good dessert wine.

Divoo said...

these pictures are a treat to the eyes, Martha! we're yet to visit Europe, but whenever we do, we'll look for this place :)

Mini Mocha said...

Yes it is definitely a lovely spot, and I have a photo to make a painting of, the colours are so appealing. You might do some of your lovely paintings of the boats and colourful houses (you probably have done so already!) that you can keep out and smile at when you walk past them.

Carolyn (lil' dahling) said...

It's so lovely. You take very good pictures. I don't know when only I can visit Italy. So expensive..:(

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