7 Jan 2012

Poetry Writing Again

Mid last year we did some poetry writing. Inspired by some books we just received, we decided to revisit poetry writing. We  started with something more interesting and simple, Shape Poems. Since friends Ad and D are still around they joined us as well.

This was something I did on the spot just to inspire the kids a little....

This is Nel's shape poem. "Pink Butterfly flies high in the sky", "A Green frog eats a fly in the pond, hoppety, hoppety, hop." "The Orange sun is getting ready to set..set...set"
This is Audrey's attempt  at alliteration
Jo's shape poem~ The Sun is setting....people going to bed.zzzzzzz
This is Dylan's shape poem_ Gummy Beans shoot up to the sky and make a rainbow

We ended the day by looking at the globe playing "Name and Find a country."

1 comment :

gail said...

Once again, making learning fun.

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