3 Jan 2012

Simple Machines

We've been doing a bit on Simple Machines. Besides reading some books from the library about Simple Machines and Inventions, we looked at the following site:

The girls enjoyed the game. The game provides the option of exploring several rooms, in which the player has to find simple machines, and  identify what sort of machine it is.

2) I also ordered this game, The-incredible-machine, which I played in my college days. I remember loving this game so much, and I thought it'd be really suitable for the girls as they learn about pulleys, wheels and so on.

3) Finally, while Christmas shopping I found the following at the mall, Physics Discovery, which provides parts for projects focusing on the topic of  Forces and Simple Machine. This  fitted wonderfully well with what we were doing. We were excited about it, and Nel and Jo got to work right away. So far they've (esp Nel) finished 2 of the projects already, such as the Land Yacht below and a recent one on pulleys.

And now On to design and create our own machine, probably by using stuff from around the house.


gail said...

Always making me smile!

marie said...

Do you home school your kids? You seem to be the funnest mom ever and every single post I always think "My kids would love this mom", they are so into every activity you write about.

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