13 Jan 2012

Study of Mesopotamia

We started the study of Mesopotamia this week. We used DK books and several books borrowed from the library as well as looked at some videos and websites online such as:
Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids
Nationalgeographic video for kids on mesopotamia

With the start of Ancient Civilization studies, I decided to attended a workshop where I learnt how to  make a Book of Time. Basically during the workshop we made a very very long book made by sticking 40 pieces of B3 size art block paper together. The workshop was conducted by Glazemud and you can view the book of time and other project ideas on her page. So far we've started filling in our book already by drawing coloured lines to mark events such as the rise and fall of cities, time frame when certain kings ruled etc. We also made little "booklets" describing events that happened and stuck it into our timeline book together with timeline figures, which were so generously given by Glazemud.

Bits of information stuck in below figures. I know though that it would have been better if the timeline figure was stuck on the cover of the little "booklet" instead.

Eg. of  timeline figures so kindly made by Glazemud for us.
Other than that girls have started a Scrap book, in which they will collect pictures, maps and stuff about Mesopotamia. We plan to continue with this for a while, hoping to end with building a model of a Ziggurat and possibly, most likely  making our own Mud Bricks! :) 

Other than that....................
Nel wrote a couplet this week
And is super excited about her Incredible Machine game that arrived in the post a couple of days ago. She's worked through most of the tutorial and is pretty hooked on it. (This is in continuation of our project on Simple Machine

 Jo drew these for fun..
While I drew this while showing em how to draw figures. (Nel says this is a gross drawing. haha..)

One final update, our caterpillar which turned into a pupae is changing. Distinct shape of the butterfly can be seen now, and we are very excited about the emergence of a brand new butterfly soon. Just hope we'll be around when that happens.


marie said...

I am always so inspired by your blog and what your kids are learning. I remember studying Mesopotamia eons ago. Can't say anything stuck, but History was always my favorite subject.

gail said...


Martha said...

wow...welll history was never my favourite sbject!!! bt as I revise with my girls..I'm beginning to love it! :)

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