18 Jan 2012

Dentist and study on Telegraph

While studying inventions, we came across Samuel Morse. That got the girls curious, so we looked up telegraph, watched some videos such as the ones below.

Then they wanted to learn the morse code, so we looked at the following link  to learn the codes.
Other than that, we spent a lot of time at the dentist fixing Jo's cavities. Chocolate and sweet lover = bad cavities! In fact, she has had to go through root canal treatment for several molars. I feel bad that she had to go through the treatment as I wasn't efficient in ensuring that her teeth were brushed regularly every night. There were many nights when I was so tired I just said "Brush your own and let's get to bed." and I didn't check.  :(

But to date, she's taken her treatment well, dentist is good too. We talked a bit about what it would be like before she went for her first treatment so she knew what was going to happen. Then to help her feel better and less nervous during the first treatment, I let her bring her cuddly bear to hug. I also requested that the dentist cover her eyes so she wouldn't see the needles and all, and occasionally I would just rub her feet when I saw any jerking movement. AND of course, there was the promise of ice-cream after the treatment. *grin*

I think Jo's done really well at the dentist. The only thing she hates is the bitter aftertaste when the jabs are done. Well...one more treatment to go and she should be fine.



marie said...

I show my kids your posts and it's official, you are the coolest mom ever (I hope after me). Lucky kids. It's great to show kids how it used to be back 'in the olden days'.

My son asked me the other day what my favorite computer game was when I was a kid. I had to tell him there were no computers when I was his age. He was stunned.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love that your teaching your children about things they're interested in. I can remember trying to do morse code on my walkie talkie when I was younger. I think my girls would like this too. :)

Poor Jo. :(

gail said...

I am thankful that the dentist I had to take Bells to used "gas" and Bells didn't feel a thing when she had two fillings! Her two top front teeth came out on Monday! She is growing up far too quickly.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Yes, I agree you're a very cool mum! You're so bothered with teaching your kids so many stuff. I'm sure they're full of general knowledge by now..:)

Martha said...

i love learning..and so it's nice to learn with my children. :)
G: Jo's teeth are all still intact...no signs of dropping off yet.

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