21 Jan 2012

Drawing -using Mr.Doob

We discovered this cool websiteMr. Doob where the Artist is provided with different brushes with cool patterns to draw. Here's some by me and Nel. Jo had a really cute one bout a clam shell and the sun, but careless(stupid) me accidentally deleted it. *shucks!!*.....Anyway,  here's ours. Do try draw some yourself and have fun!   :)

Here I was testing different brushes available..you can see eg. different strokes on water on on frog.

Again trying diff stuff. When you hold down the mouse longer or draw slower, you get the darker lines. And as you can see, you can change colour of background and of strokes.

Finally messing around and doing a drawing for the heck of it.

Then Nel decided to have a go. Here's hers, also experimenting with diff brushes.

Will post Jo's when she tries another one perhaps tomorrow.
Early Morn Update...Jo woke up and wanted to work on it again...her work title .."Sunshine over river"


marie said...

How very cool, I am totally checking this website out when my kids get home from school.

gail said...

Is there no end to your talent?

Martha said...

ah G, go try this page, I'm sure you[ll create something nice too. :) Let Bells have a go too. :)

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