18 May 2011

"Lego" of the Great Outdoors

I love Lego, and so do my children. We do own a set, but just one.
If you’re a middle income earner like me, living in Malaysia, you’ll feel that lump in your throat (not from sadness, but from shock) when you see the prices at which Lego sets are sold here.  Lego here costs several hundred per set (!), unaffordable to many.
However, the great outdoors, offers “Lego” bits and pieces for free. Often when we’re out on a picnic, or  trekking somewhere, my children surprise me by showing me interesting finds consisting of odd shaped seeds, nuts, twigs, leaves, rocks, stones (and the list goes on) that can be used  in a variety ways.
On one of our recent trip, we headed outdoors where my children played happily, while I sat nearby enjoying the cool breeze and a book. Half way through I looked at them and noticed them building a mini town with “Lego” bits that nature had strewn all around.
I was so captivated; I had to put down my book and join them.
a building my children constructed from wood, pine needles and stones which they found. It wasn't easy getting everything to balance and stand, but they did it, and learnt a lot in the process

little Jo tying pieces together to create her own building

A Cross made by Nel (using broken branches)

Nel made this tree by adding moss to a twig

I had a wonderful time doing this. As I spent time looking for pine needles, soil and all..I felt free, happy, like a little child all over again. :)

Playing in the outdoors has provided my children a lot of room for creativity, from pretend play to creative building projects. Just recently while trekking in the jungle, Jo and her cousin started pretending that they were civilians running from the communist. I’m always amused by children’s ability to create and imagine.
Photos here were taken while at the park in Frasers Hill. To read more bout why we love it there, and some of the interesting critters we came across while trekking there, click here.


mom2kiddos said...

Yes, it's so inspiring to see kids play. We should expose kids more to nature these days. I feel we pamper our kids too much by buying them expensive toys when the world is a BIG TOY waiting to be played with.

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

That looked like a lot of fun! Where was it? I agree, Lego is fun but a little overrated. I would love to have my son play outdoors anytime.

gail said...

Love it! Not being a big fan of the great outdoors (allergies and sun poisoning), I fear I didn't spend enough time with my children doing what you are doing.

Martha J. Lee said...

@momtokiddos- I agree. Toys are expensive, bought and then chucked in a corner several days later. The great outdoors, however, offers endless adventures

Alison: This was at a playground in Frasers. Diff places offer diff stuff for pretend play.:)

Martha J. Lee said...

G..sun poisoning is a new term to me. :) You have Bells now, so if you're willing, apply an extra layer of sunblock and go out. I'm sure Bells will show you new things, the way my girls have shown me.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

It's true. The great outdoors can be a room for activities for the kids. Lego used to be more affordable when we ourselves were kids. Now I've still yet to purchase a set for my kids!

Wow! Frasers sounds very far.

Martha J. Lee said...

frasers is a little far..but I love it there. me and my children love trekking there, bird watching and just relaxing.iI wrote more but it here http://flourpaint.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-children-and-i-love-frasers-hill.html

michiko said...

It is very good that your children have fantasic
imgination with creative building etc.

I think all the wonderful idea from you Martha:-)
you are good mum and you should be proud of yourself.
When I visit in here that remind me my kids where they was just like yours:-)

a little it was a long time ago

Martha J. Lee said...

thank you Michi. I'd love to hear stories of when you were mum. maybe you could write on that. :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

you have another blog?:)

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