21 Mar 2011

Difficult days

The recent months have not been easy. With hubby's new crazy schedule, we hardly get to spend time with him. It's now compulsory for him to work 12 to 14 hour shifts, so when he's home, he's sleeping, and if at work, he comes back late. We miss him a lot, I miss him too. I miss dinner together as family, i miss the Saturday morning breakfasts and outings. My children miss hearing our doggie's excited dog followed by daddy's car door closing, signalling his arrival home in the late evenings. My children miss his bedtime stories.

My husband misses us too. He misses coming home in the evening to eagerly waiting children who shower him with hugs and kisses. He misses his sometimes smiling and sometimes grumpy wife. ;)

 He misses time with us. Yesterday I received an sms from him. He wrote "I miss you and the children...shall we do a special dinner when I get off?" I replied "Korean will be fine." :) See we actually have to make a date to meet and talk nowadays.

In these times, my children have been a strong source of love and support to their daddy. They pray constantly for him, and they show him love through action. Often before he leaves for work, in the few moments they get to spend with him, they jump into action. They pack goodies for him consisting of ribena drink, milo in a flask, biscuits, cheese, fruits and they put it all nicely in a special box for their daddy. Never once did we ask them to do this, but it is out of love that my precious little gals do this.

Their daddy is touched and yesterday before he left for work he said "At least I know, my wife and my children love me. I am blessed."

Yes, hon, we love and appreciate you.


gail said...

How can I love people I have never met? I don't know but this long distance auntie loves you and your family!

Martha Neverland said...

thank you dear G. We've never met, but you've been a tremendous support and encouragement through my recent years. Your friendship is a blessing from God.
love you.

gail said...

So glad it is mutual:)

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