25 Mar 2011

Painting with flour paint

On Fridays I usually let my children prepare their own meals. Well last Friday we decided that PanMee (noodles) would be the menu of the day. I took out my packet of flour and asked Jo to put it all in a pot. Just then, my phone rang, and before answering my phone I told Jo, "Put in a cup of water!"

When I got back to the kitchen after the phone call, to my horror, I found flour floating in a lot of water! somehow she heard 3 cups of water and put in 3 large cups!! (well..not her fault).   I had no more flour left. *sigh*.... what a waste to waste so much flour. Then an idea struck.

We stirred the flour in the water till totally dissolved, split it into four parts and added food colouring. Walla...we then had paint! :)

WIth this homemade paint..we had LOTS of fun (after a packed lunch.) ;)

Gently adding paint within paint

splattered paint with finger/hand prints

Loving feeling the texture of cool flour water

I had a go at this too. I used a big brush, dropped paint and gently moved the paper to shape the flow of colour. the nice thing is that it flows very slowly so you can really shape it.
 Close look at the texture of the paint. Lovely isn't it?

 Love this piece of art by Junee who joined in the fun by using several methods. Her picture depicts some earthworms coming to the surface after the rain. Lovely!
This was created by swirling the paint and scraping the paper, using old credit/name cards

 After it all, Jo decided to  use old fashion paint brush to paint this.

Nell used a smaller  brush, dripped paint and controlled its flow to create this boat with a square sail.

Later that night, still inspired, Jo used some watercolour to paint her usual subject, "Mermaids." She's done uncountable drawings and paintings of mermaids!

Have fun if you're gonna try this. Do it outdoors though! :)

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