19 Mar 2011

Adventure on Kenyir Lake

Just got back from an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL holiday adventure with my usual camping group. This time we had a total of 10 adults and 17 children! We spent 3 days on a houseboat out on Kenyir lake, through rainy and sunny weather. It was superb except for a few drawbacks.

1) they provided us with filthy black mattresses and pillows, bed bugs included!!!
2) a very small and horrid toilet

but the above is ok, if you're regular campers I suppose. and..yeah, we've seen worse toilets. Also the beauty on the lake is soo breathtaking..nothing else matters.

Our Boat House..which was actually just planks kinda built together as a sort of shelter.

 There were 3 boats that came with the boat house, and these provided additional fun on the lake!

 First night we were visited by hundreds of Mayflies, and some other variety of insects. lovely for camera shoot! We saw hundreds! Mayflies are very sensitive to pollution, and as such are usually only found at high quality, minimally polluted sites.

Why I loved Kenyir??

1) Beautiful scenery, fresh air, clean water where we were. Some parts of the water I hear is polluted,especially near the Gawi area. We were far from that area parked between 2 waterfalls, and another day on an isolated river on the south side of  Kenyir.
  An early morn by the lake. Our boat was parked between 2 falls, this was one of it.

2) Swimming in VERY cold refreshing waterfall. However, remember waterfalls are DANGEROUS and always be on lookout for danger signs. Few years ago sudden surge of water from a fall crashed an entire floating chalet. Even as I swam on that calm day, I could feel the current gently pulling me towards the falls.

the roaring powerful falls!

3) Swimming in clear water lake.
Swimming in the lake. Cool..refreshing! and counts as a shower. ;) making a circle..
My little ones swam too, and throughly enjoyed it. life jacket is very important! water is very deep more than 100 meters. there's warning that every year several children drown. so be very cautious, but enjoy. and if you're all the way there, you MUST swim in this refreshing water.

4) speed boats and row boats

    boating on the serene lake..ahh...what joy

5) Breakfast/lunch on the deck

6) cooking with friends in that TERRIBLY noisy kitchen coz the engine was where the kitchen was.


7) most of all, WONDERFUL fellowship and fun with good company. :)

Early morn at the boat house. The sound of insects at this time of day is AMAZING!!! fascinating!

    typical scene at Kenyir..which makes it so beautiful

fresh fish from the lake, ummmm....illegal..don't ask us how we got these fish, EVERYDAY, every meal! YUMMMM!!

       some parked houses on the lake

more children chilling on the deck. they took bottle caps, made holes through it, tied strings, and let these caps skip on water. Innovative!

    Drizzling on the lake

Cloudy day on the lake

        great fun and adventure...and the children made some best friends forever and memories that will last forever...
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