26 Mar 2011

My rendition of "May the Lord Bless you" (sung in my early morn voice)

Just checked back in my previous blog. Reading it brings back lots of memories about my children's toddler and baby days. They grow too fast.
 As I read, I found this post dated January 21st, 2008 about a little recital I had with my children, just the 3 of us. Can't believe it was that long ago, and my girls were so little then.

 While spring cleaning recently I found the CD with the song I used to sing to them every night before bed...and as I played the song to my girls.. they each wanted to be cuddled all over again, sang to like babies again. It just brought back memories of the time when I used to smile more and put them lovingly to bed.                                                                                                                                
 Nowadays, I just shout "bed time! Get to bed! It's late it's LATE!"  How did I get from singing patiently to this madness before bedtime!!?  I need to reevaluate myself, reprogram myself and somehow go back to the "patient, loving, smiling mother mode,"... IF that's possible.                                             
Anyway..I couldn't resist doing this...here's my rendition of the song "May the Lord Bless you and Keep You" originally sung by Twila Paris. My rendition was recorded early this  morning in a squeaky voice...while my kids were still in bed. Jo heard it, woke up and said "Mum, I cried when I heard you singing that song, because i had a nice, warm feeling in my heart." and she then showered me with hugs. As I've said it before..children are a blessing always. :)
  Below is my rendition of the song followed by the original post of  2008.

Monday, January 21, 2008

today, me and my children held a little recital of our own. :) I switched off all the hall lights, leaving the light above the piano on. So my little Nel and Jo took turns performing, bowing each time before a piece was played.You should've seen the way Jo bows, drives me to fits of laughter. hahaha...

They played, "improvisations" based on picture books placed on the piano. haha... I was just thoroughly entertained. In between, they sang songs, quoted Bible verses, ending each performance with more bows! haha...

As the recital progressed, Jo got creative. She did her cutest bow, climbed up the piano stool, and began playing the piano with her nose, then forehead. Hearing our laughter, she was further encouraged to try playing the piano with other body parts, like her cheeks, elbow and ears. The grand finale was when she stopped to pick the booger from her nose. hahahaha...

Finally, this mama decided that the recital wouldn't be complete without a performance from me. So I took my bow, went up to the piano to perform a classical piece.

I ended the recital by playing and singing a lovely song which I've sang to my children since the day they were born. I sing it to them almost every night.... "May the Lord Bless you and Keep You" by Twila Paris. So imagine this, as I played the piano and sang.... my little Nel got up and started dancing the most beautiful, touching dance in the dimly lited hall.... she and I seemed so connected then...

I just felt like she was a baby in my arms all over again...it was beautiful... I had tears in my eyes at the end of the performance....looking at my beautiful children...and knowing that yeah, they're truly a blessing from the Lord.


gail said...

Oh, Martha, how my heart is full reading this and hearing your lovely voice! Even hearing the chair scraping seemed to bring you closer. My prayers are for you and your beautiful family. May you get the wishes of your heart for they are pure.

Martha Neverland said...

hey dear G...i just listened to itagain and I'm only hearing how out of tune I was in some parts! haha.. as usual, my critical self. ;)
thank you G for always encouraging me. I wish I could hear your singing too, coz I remember reading somewhere that you're a good singer. :)

michiko said...

Welcome back Martha:-) How lovely to seen you in here, it was likes dreams? but it is truth.
I remember that your sang for your children at bed time.
You have a beautiful voice that you can put me to sleep lol!
How is your family? your parents are okay?
hope this time you can do blogs a little longer time?
Have a great weekend,

Martha Neverland said...

thanks Michi. We are all ok. :) This is my third blog space now Michi! but if I move again, I'll let you know. :)

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