19 Mar 2011

field trip to study plants

since we've been studying plants the whole month, we decided upon a field trip today. Little Lu arrived earlier than usual, dressed in stripes, a sling bag with his magnifying glass and a water bottle.

After watching some videos on YouTube about pollination, we did a short study on the structure of a flower, using a large flower diagram. While D had to study it in more detail, Jo and especially Lu just had to learn the words Pollen, Stigma, seeds and pollination.

We then drove to the nearest forest reserve. Armed with their own magnifying glasses, they managed to study pollen on several flowers and even little bees at work!

 They were equally excited by this moss. Everything looks wonderfully exciting when magnified! a good magnifying glass is ESSENTIAL!

However, Lu's most favourite activity of the day was CHASING PIGEONS! I had to call him for at least 5 mins before he came back. At one point he had about 30 pigeons flying above his head. missed that shot.

This peacock actually came charging towards Lu, rattling its feathers and making a fierce sound. Lu, shocked, fell backwards. But later grinned at the excitement of it all! he learned, NEVER mess with a peacock! (and he was proud that the peacock was a "boy"!

After all that exciting walk... I asked Lu, "So what did you learn?"
He replied "ahhh ahhh... the Pollen hop hop into the postbox!" "What??!!" I remarked.
With a little help from D, he tried again... "The pollen hop hop in in in in the stigma. then it goes down down....and becomes a PEANUT!!" and he says it with such excitement. :)
hahaha...I think he loves nuts a lot, coz he keeps saying nuts instead of seed.

Finally after it all, he asked "Kor kor... we saw so many things, but where is the nectar and pollen and all that?"  I nearly fainted at that question. :)  hahaha...

Anyway, my kids are now requesting to learn about caves, and bats. so that'll be next. 


Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

wow! really admire you. planning and putting the effort to bring them on a fieldtrip. they must really enjoy being in your company coz they can learn lots. where is this place you took them?

martha said...

to Bukit Cahaya Forest Reserve. I enjoy taking my children on field trips. :)

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