3 Mar 2011

Outdoor Science - Wormery

Most Thursdays, starting today, little Lo will be coming over for Outdoor Science. To kickstart the class, we started by studying WORMS! oh yeah!

-First we began by reviewing Living Things and Non Living things, and each child drew pictures to fit into these 2 categories.
-Having finished doing review, we then began drawing a diagram of how we'd want our wormery to be.

-Then came the REAL outdoor STUFF! We headed to the nursery, which got them real excited. Looked at some plants, bought some soil and sand and headed home.

And then next step was to DIG for WORMS! oooohhhh...this is when Jo showed GREAT courage by holding the worms, and at one point almost kissed the worms as she caressed them in her palms saying "oh..cute baby baby."

 As for Lo...*ahem* here's where he went running FAR from the worms! haha..

To make the wormery, we used a glass bottle, filled it with a little mud, black soil, sand, black soil and leaves on the top. In between, Nel threw in some banana skin, a bit of vege and stuff. Then we covered it with black paper. 

Finally project completed and worms safely in.

Project completed, we intend to keep it for a week, and will be checking it out over the next few days.

(well..now a few hours later, we checked..and the worms have already made some tunnels, eaten some of the leaves on top!) kids are excited. What an interesting project!

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