25 Mar 2011

Girl talk

Overheard this while driving my gals and their cousin (8yr old) to a class.

Lyd: Do you know when we're older we have to wear bra??

Nel: Really, why?

Lyd:  My mummy said if we don't, the things on our body will droop droop droop.

Nel: Droop? really?

Lyd:  Ya, my mummy said it will droop soo sooooo long, it'll be so ugly like boing... (making an action with her hands.)

Nel: ewww..so long, and bouncy?

Lyd: Ya!

-at this point, I checked in the mirror and spotted both girls frowning with that "ewww" look, while I the driver silently grinned from ear to ear! haha..


Anonymous said...

hey hearts!! great to see you again! :) i like the new look of your blog, but miss the 'mumsico' one too :) how've you been?

yeah, my blogs posts have decreased in number and whatever i write is only about my daughter... she's my world right now :)

i'm glad that you recognized me by name name.. guess im the only Divoo around! :D

michiko said...

It was good seen Divoo name is in here..
After she has a baby she was busy these days..
I must visit her space:-)
This is a lovely age to has girl talk and I hope
stay for a long time:-)

Martha Neverland said...

flucee...your new name. interesting. but i like Divoo. :) Yes, once our children are born, they become our world. but hope hubby is still your world too? hehe..

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