28 Mar 2011

My doggie my hero

This little cutie, "fierce", protective guardian of our family, Camel, did it again. He most likely thwarted a robbery attempt at my house last night at 2am, when he started barking fiercely, crazily, protectively.

Since adopting him 3 years ago, I've  learnt to differentiate his barks.

He has several different barks (and posture) to tell me different things such as:
 - he wants to play/walk
-he wants to pee
- a family friend has come to visit
 -the squirrel or cat is irritating him again or stealing his food
- postman at the gate (I'm afraid the postman will throw a grenade at Cam one day for terrorising him daily.)
recycle lorry passing by (he makes a very weird whining/dying sound for this that comes from his throat, stomach. Perhaps he cannot stand the music that comes with the lorry.)
- An intruder/stranger at the gate

At 2am last night I heard the bark that indicated an intruder. His barking woke me up, while the rest of my household remained asleep. I got up to my window, parted the curtains to look out, and saw a shadow of a man at my gate. I think the intruder saw me because he immediately ran behind the tree. Few seconds later, he got on a bike and quietly disappeared into the shadow of the night.

This is the second time Cam's saved us from intruders. (the first time was scary, coz it was a masked man who saw me and shone a red light into my eye before taking off.)

There was a time when the robbers actually broke in and ransacked my house (2 years back), and that was the night when Camel went to the groomers and boarded a night there. If he had been home, he probably would've been a champ 3 times now.

huh...so that little fella needs a special treat now. M thinking...a new toy? or special food today.   probably lotsa play and hugs too. :)


Martha Neverland said...

my husband read this and said "My doggie my hero, my husband not my hero?" haha..

doggermama said...

Here's a question for your hubby...did you bark and scare away the intruder??

Martha Neverland said...

hahaha..your comment is hilarious! I'll ask the hubby later. ;)

Martha Neverland said...

my hubby's reply "woof woof!" hahaha..

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