28 Mar 2011


Today, Mr. Cheah, the very patient pottery teacher called to say all's ready and we can finally pick up our work. :)    Altogether we paid just RM50 person, which includes a 3 hour session clay project, glazing and firing. Worth it!

Posted 13.Dec.2010 (on other space)

Today my sis-inlaw and I took our children for a class of pottery. It was a really wonderful experience, and a lot of FUN! I remember reading this Bible verse  to my children earlier this year:  Isaiah 64:8 "Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand." 

Well, then I decided that I wanted my children to feel what clay is like, and how it feels to mould that soft, formless clay into something specific, something special. (Just like how God formed each of us into someone unique! )

The man Mr. Cheah, is a wonderful, patient teacher! Imagine handling 5 boisterous children (I wanted to write disobedient, but Nel sat here and swatted my hands! haha..) He started off by telling us what clay was made off, its composition (silica and alumina). He told us about colours, about how to FEEL the clay, to gauge its balance, thickness, to pinch it gently, score it, shape it etc etc.

It took us  me 3 hours to complete the work...(well for me, 3 hours. for the children 2 hours, followed by one hour of playing with Miko, mr. Cheah's dog -which was actually in a cage till they let him go! ) In the end, we learnt a lot..and we plan to go back soon. Well, we have to go back anyway, to glaze/paint it.

(I highly recommend his classes. His shop is in Segambut, he can usually be contacted between classes, somewhere during lunch time at this number : 017 8812265 )(he's not paying me for this advert) :)

these are for the advance student

Mr. Cheah cutting a piece of clay for each of us

showing us the difference between the diff types of clay

the children's work. After making pots, they decided on a more creative thing. That's Jo's cake on the right with mushroom like candles and K's frog in a pond


michiko said...

This a very good for children to express themselves.
Jo's has a good works and mummy think so too:-)

Martha Neverland said...

yes...I find pottery very good for children. It teaches them patience, relaxation, feeling balance and imagination. Michi, there are many Japanese who take lessons there. :) One time a Japanese lady smiled at our group of children as she did her own work. Suddenly she turned around and started scolding in Japanese angrily, because one ofthe boys had thrown a ball into her pot. hehehehe...:)

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