3 Jul 2011

Growing With Guidance

I’ve been pondering over the title of my blog “Growing With Guidance.” What does it really mean to me? A lot of thoughts brewed in my mind, coz parenting is such a vast topic..and different people see it differently.
I guess, in a large way, Growing with Guidance simply means being there for my children, especially in the early years where the foundation of their character is being built and shaped. It means playing a large role in influencing them from young, rather than allowing others to shape them.
I wish I could write a long philosophical article about this, but it is a Sunday and I’d like to keep this short (and even if it weren't a Sunday, I rarely like to write articles like this anyway haha...I prefer matters of the heart)

In a gist, Growing  with Guidance means..
~ guiding my children so they will be able to make good/right choices and have sound judgment when they are tested.  For instance, I cannot control the bad influences that come around my children when they’re out there, but I can talk to them, remind them till they are able to choose/act wisely and justly.  Though they fall, my job is to continuously guide them till they are strong enough to make right choices and NOT be influenced by bad influences.
It means~ Helping them become people of integrity and stand up for what's right.
It means~ Raising individuals who are compassionate for others
It means ~Raising children who know God personally, who will stand up for His cause no matter which way the world sways
It means ~sharpening them like arrows, who when ready, will go out and make a good difference and impact in the lives around them (with God first and foremost in their lives).

It means~ Loving my children for who they are, understanding their love language, letting them know they're loved, it means spending quality time with them till they're ready to find their own wings and  take flight.
Putting Jodie to bed the other day, there was silence for a while in the darkness of the room. Then I heard an unexpected whisper from her saying "I love you, you're my sweetheart. I love you my gorgeous mummy." :) That melted all my stress away and lifted my heart. :)
~What does Growing With Guidance mean to you?  Or What is an important aspect of Parenting to you?


mom2kiddos said...

I would want to help them to grow up with a healthy self esteem, be the unique individuals they are. To always have compassion for their fellow human beings, to live a God-centred life (I'm counting on my hubby on this one), to not be afraid to speak up for what's right and to take care of me when I'm old.

Your title is very relevant to what you write here on your blog.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for linking up to my hop. Your brief post so eloquently listed the things that I so hope that I am teaching my children. What a "Crowning Moment!" that will be when I know that because of my guidance, they have met their potential for good in the world. It's so refreshing to know that there are other mothers out there striving for the same thing I am. Thanks again.

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