23 Jul 2011

Revisiting Lotus Liberation Sanctuary (Bentong Farm)

We first found out about Bentong Sanctuary Farm (Lotus Liberation Sanctuary) last month when we went on a nature trip to Discover Turtles. After our unforgettable turtle watching experience in Kemaman, Lim, who's really into turtle conservation, brought us to Bentong Farm , where he taught us more about terrapins and tortoise. Loved the farm so much we just had to revisit, and introduce the place to friends, thus the revisit with a bigger group of people this time.

Shahrul sharing..

Daniel the Dalmation offered my child Nel a cup of coffee in exchange for some chocolate biscuits. :) He's ADORABLE! If I didn't already have a poodle, I'd have adopted him.

Feeding the terrapins with juicy guava and turtle food

Here's Lim talking about the different species found here

Then we headed to the goat pen to feed the goats
Shahrul and the farm boys prepared a LOT of freshly cut grass so the children could experience feeding the cows

Here's feeding em cows..;)

Oh lookie...even a dad amongst the group had a go. I doubt his motives though coz he's a sausage maker I hear. Hmmmm.....

My littler one loved this mooo

Well..then we all hoped on several trucks, down a lovely road to feed the ducks. Weather was awesomely lovely..
Some chose to walk down this peaceful road, along a river

And here's by the pond feeding em  ducks some dried bread and vege

A lovely pod

And so lovely to end the visit with a picnic and a dip in this refreshing stream

THANK YOU SHAHRUL FOR THE WONDERFUL TIME!!!!! As some people said, "You were a STAR!"  :)  (muaks...I'll be back soon Shahrul with my little volunteers!)
The Farm constantly needs donations, if you'd like to help, leave me a message on this blog post Fund Raising for the Farm
Directions to Farm:
To get to the farm: Get on Karak Highway, follow the Kuantan Sign. Take the very first Bentong exit and pay Tol. After exiting the Tol, you'll come to a T Junction. Take a left, and drive along the river for about 5 Km. You'll come to a small signage which says Perting Valley Camp. Turn right there and drive on stony road. Cross a little bridge and you'll come to Lotus Liberation Sanctuary. That is the Farm itself. Do call before going.


mom2kiddos said...

There are several ladies in the 1st picture who look really familiar. The lady in black singlet, isn't she the one who makes baby slings? Is this group a homeschooling group? Bentong farm sounds really interesting. Do you mind e-mailing the contact info etc? I'd love to arrange a trip there with some friends. Can you actually do this in one day? How long is travelling time? Aiyo, so many questions, hope you can give me more info through e-mail. Thanks Martha!

gail said...

What beautiful pictures! I am so impressed with how many trips of this nature you take.

martha said...

hi mom2kiddos..lost your email. haha..could you write me first? This was a mixed group of friends and friend's friends. You can do the trip in half a day. If you're going fromthe Klang Valley it's not far..just an hour and a half the most. Directions are found on my other blog. ;) To find em..go to FB and look for Bentong Farm Sanctuary.

G: thanks G. You know how much I love the outdoors..and now my children love it, and I've convinced hubby to love it too! haha..:)

Carolyn said...

haha..wanted to ask the same questions like Germaine. But you've already answered them..:)

CEO Mama said...

Nice place, thanks for sharing. My 2 kids love nature too, but I'm now 7 months pregnant, not sure if the place is ok for me? Saw someone hopped onto truck, LOL, not sure if it will be a rough trip? :)

daisuke said...

Hi, I am a college student who is interested in stargazing at this Bentong Farm Sanctuary (this page recommends me http://www.loyarburok.com/2011/02/11/low-carbon-dating-valentines-date-just-outside-kl/)
Maybe during the afternoon we can volunteer to help out in the Sanctuary and at the night we will stargaze there!
May I have the contact number of Bentong Farm Sanctuary?

Thanks a lot!

Martha said...

Hi daisuke, I don't have the farm number itself, but can find them on Facebook. Will post number when I have it.

daisuke said...

Thank you!
My club members has got the contact number =)
Thanks again!

Martha said...

Great. Apologies that I didn't get back to you sooner. Have great fun. You must anticipate lots of dogs though. If you're ok with that, the farm is a lovely place to visit.

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