20 Jul 2011

Pregnancy n Birth

Pregnancy- I hardly reflect on my experiences. But yesterday, a simple sms/request from a dear friend prompted me to think about it. I started thinking in pictures..and at 2am, started sketching these pictures below.

Here's me waiting anxiously for baby. We're past due date and  no dilation. I remember feeling a mixture of emotions..worry, joy, excitement, frustration etc. There's my little dog then (Pronto-who was later stolen) ..  he seemed to understand all that I was feeling and was precious company when hubby was at work.

This was me..still playing piano for church, and the cello in a string quartet. When my baby was born, she recognized the distinct sound of the cello, and she recognized certain piano pieces! Amazing.

This was me..about to give birth. I had pillows tucked everywhere leaving very little space for dear hubby, who's about to drop off the bed here. LOL!

this was us..a few months after baby. I had post partum depression..and often, to lift my spirits, I'd go out with walks..with little Nel holding on to me. Prayer and walks does wonders for the soul
My 1st birth experience ~ Nel was due about the 20th of the month. Three days later, there were no contractions, no dilation..nothing happening. The doc convinced me that it wasn't good keeping her in there any longer and it was time to bring my baby into the world.

 So we drove to the hospital on the 22nd night, excited and yet anxious, and I was induced. The contractions started shortly after and became more intense as the night passed. It was one of the longest nights I've ever had. The nurse came in and out, and I dreaded it everytime she checked for dilation, for I think she was quite rough. Then somewhere in the middle of the night, I had a bloody show.. but the dilation remained at 2cm.

Early in the morn, the doc arrived and informed me that baby's head just wasn't engaging,  and I would have to have an emergency C-Section.

Against my desire to experience natural birth, I was wheeled into the operating theatre, with anxious hubby waiting outside, praying. By then, my contractions were coming at frequent intervals and was quite painful. I was asked to curl up, while still in a sitting position so the anaesthetist could do a spinal block. But the contractions were coming frequently and it was hard to sit still with that sort of pain. The anaesthetist wasn't very sharp either, and he took about 4 shots before he got it right! Let me tell you, all 4 attempts were horridly painful, and I shiver when I think back.

Well..I had the C..I saw blood splattering on the white cloth that blocked my view from what the doc was doing..I felt a tug, they pushed, and then I heard my baby cry. Really..at that moment, all the frustration and pain from the night before was forgotten. Tears flowed freely as I welcomed my new born baby, Nel.

I had a C-sec with Jo too..and with both, recovery was slow and painful, which is why no matter how much others try to convince me about having a third..I cannot bring myself to it.

I have to say that though I just have 2 girls, they are both precious to me, God's gift to me and my husband, and I could not ask for better. :)
What was your birth/ pregnancy experience like?


mom2kiddos said...

Sketching at 2am?! I was sleeping like a pig and got up late today. My 1st pregnancy was all wonderful. 2nd one, a bit tired out by a toddler and being BIG and heavy. You play the cello too?! WOw, you're so talented!! You should make a list of your talents!

Jessica said...

The pictures are great. I remember the sleeping with many pillows.

Aleta said...

These are incredible sketches! The emotions are there without having to see the details of the face. What a beautiful job. I'm so sorry that you went through two c-sections. And that you had depression afterwards. I'm glad that walks and prayers are helping :)

Becky Jane said...

Such a lovely post! Your sketches are beautiful, with your sweet and sensitive dog by your side. How sad to have him taken from you. Children are such a blessing!

gail said...

You are already the perfect family!

First pregnancy, good for the most part and had to be induced.

Second, horrid. Oh, well.

It was all worth it to become a grandmother!

martha said...

Gail..totally loved that last sentence:) "Totally worth it to become a grandmother!"

Shreeja N said...

Hi Martha!

Loved your post! n your sketches!
People underestimate the efforts a woman takes to give birth to a baby! Post Partum depression is something which I have faced and its horrible, especially with a nagging mother-in-law who constantly visited me at my parent's place(Its a custom in India for a lady to be taken care of at her mother's place from the seventh month of pregnancy onwards till a few months after the baby is born!)But an ever supporting husband,my parents and a lot of friends helped me get thru.My son is now 5 years old, and no I can't have another, I still remember the labour pains and it gives me shivers. I just loved reading your post.
Take care. :)

Carolyn said...

I love your sketches! And you are so talented! Very artistic person you are. So what did you experience during post partum depression?

I delivered both my children naturally. The first one was a pleasant one because I had epidural. My husband pleaded me to get it because he's so stressed out even more so than me..lol.

the second one i decided to become a superwoman and refused any epidural. so it was super pain and i think i was like a mad woman squirming and kicking but I didn't scream. tahan only. so then after that experience only i know how labour pains are. lol.

Divoo said...

those are great sketches, Martha! it's always nice to hear about birth stories... thanks of sharing yours! San's birth was a hassle-free experience... I was low on amniotic fluid so they'd to bring San into this world a week before my due date... it was an induced labor and San came out happily after a 6-hour duration of pain, excitement, and curiosity. :)

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