29 Jul 2011


painted 29/7/11
I'm not a psychologist/psychiatrist, neither am I an expert on this topic (depression), but I've been there, and I know what it feels like to loose hope, to want to disappear, not wanting to face another day. I'm thankful I've a family who cares, and a God whom I can cling on to in my most desperate and blackest moments.

Observe her smile,
You'll notice, hopelessness behind that facade
Listen carefully to her laughter,
You'll detect,  sorrow and despair
Feel her hugs,
You'll realise, there's desperation in her grip saying "help me."

Look around you...have you stopped recently to really find out how your family and close ones are doing? If you haven't, stop all activities, make a point to spend time with your closest and friend in need, look them in the eye, feel their heart with your heart and say silently "I'm here..I'm here."


(As I approach late 30's..I've seen so many of my friends succumb to depression. How important it is in these days to have strong family support and a close relationship with our Creator, that we will not fall into the black pit of depression.)


mom2kiddos said...

That's a very dark painting. Kind of scary actually. I guess depression feels like that? I'm sorry you've been through those dark moments. Yes, God and family support is vital during those times.

Divoo said...

that picture aptly depicts the face of depression, martha... and close friends are always great to talk to in such times... it feels so good to vent it all out in front of someone who understands... hope the depression stay away from you and your family... happiness to all! :)

Aleta said...

I can't agree with you more. Life is difficult. We need our families and friends as a support unit with God. And we need to reach out to those that we love. Beautiful post and appropriate painting!

gail said...

You are loved, Martha.

TT said...

I hope I am not the one that make my wife depressed.

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