25 Jul 2011

Visit to a Fire Station

Last month we found a lovely book at the library entitled "Piro and the Fire Brigade" by Kurt Baumann. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the book cover, but here's a blur picture found off the net (in a different language too!) haha..

Well, Jo enjoyed the story and the illustration so much that we read it several times together. And what a better way to follow up on fire engines then an actual visit to a fire station.

So we joined several families on a visit to a firestation today, kindly organized/initiated by a father from the group. This is Nel's second experience, but Jo's very first. Needless to say they were excited and enjoyed the trip!

Information and Control Room
Latest Fire Engine and Super Speed bikes

Well..see who wants to be a firegirl!

A try at fire fighting..well...no real fire, but the firemen sure enjoyed this whole thing! They  (the firemen) were really sporting. hahaha
A look inside..


mom2kiddos said...

Wow! How exciting! Did y'all have to go through a lot of red tape to request for a visit? My boy would love this!

martha said...

i think if you have a group tat's large enugh, you can ask the nearest bomba to your place to organize something. This is our second time. Last was with a neighbourhood group..and our neighbourhood Bomba put up good water fights and drills just for us to watch. Fun. :) You could initiate a group visit near your area.

Aleta said...

What a wonderful experience for the kids (and adults :) We tend to take things like this for granted.

michiko said...

Hi Martha,
This post remind me that when my younger son was about five years of age he has dream of to became the fire brigade man LOL!
Now he is on the computers business.
Great post!

Carolyn said...

wow! what kind of group is this? you always get to go on so many excursions? best lar. haha. Do you have to pay the bomba?

martha said...

no..nooneed to pay bomba. if you have a firestation in your neighbourhood, you could organize one too. :) It's a matter of parents taking initiative of creating activities in order to learn with your children. :)

Mini Mocha said...

My boys would love this, thanks for the idea, we will contact our local station.

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