9 Jul 2011


So what did we do today? 9th July 2011 , a date Malaysians will remember forever. I woke up, prayed for my country. I prayed for peace, for protection over the people who'd be out there in the chaos. Originally we were supposed to head out for a 4x4 adventure and some jungle trekking in a cool forest. But all that was postponed due to the major clampdown on our city by police forces. Major roadblocks everywhere caused massive jams since last night, and there was no way we were heading out. In the end we decided home was the best place to be during this time.

Well we decided to start the day by praying as a family, and then by preparing breakfast together. My older girl cooked baked beans for all of us,  while little Jo helped me cook the apples in preparation for an apple crumble pie. 

Then Nel made us all the drinks, coffee for her dad.

Jo and Nel helped me prepare a pie crust and after it was baked, we put on a layer of delicous blueberry jam and added the apples that Jo cooked.

Apple Crumble Pie ready. I made the base crust a little too thick. Reminder to thin it next time. However, my dear Nel and hubby still insist it was delicous. haha...:)

 Sausages and eggs, courtesy of dear hubby. Beans by Nel
Finally...after breakfast while the air was still cool,  I headed to my tiny garden where I worked on a quick watercolour..a turtle on surfboard.

The afternoon from 1pm onwards was spent glued to the internet for updates.
All updates about the happenings in KL today can be found on Malaysia Kini and http://bersih.org/ . Keep praying for Malaysia.


mom2kiddos said...

I guess the painting pretty much sums up your day - happy and full of life!

martha said...

haha..that was morning. by the noon, I was here, GLUED to the internet...praying for the people out there in the rally..sometimes feeling really touched by their courage..sometimes a litttle emotional..someimes angry...a whole lot of emotions went by in those few hours. haha..

Becky Jane said...

Praying for the people and the leaders. Political unrest can be a dangerous situation if not handled correctly...I think I would have stayed home also.

Jessica said...

It sounds like your decision to stay home was probably a good one. Sorry to hear about the unrest there.

On a happy note, I love the turtle painting!

michiko said...

It was lovely to seen your children helps your cooking to stayed home that's wise choose:-)
The turtle painting are so cute Martha!
I have two son's thought I would like to have daughter too...too late :-)
Have a great week ahead.

Divoo said...

lovely food! cooking with kids must be so much fun! and that turtle pic is cool... what great imagination, Martha! :)

Divoo said...

my prayers for Malaysia! hope peace prevails soon...

Aleta said...

I love how everyone participated in cooking.

And love how the turtle is smiling!

Carolyn said...

You are really an artist! I think you can even sell them..;) Your children are real darlings. Little handy helpers!

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