13 Jul 2011

some more art work from this week

Life is busy around here as usual. Jo's still as crazy about mermaids as she was. She's been drawing mermaids for as far back as I can remember..probably for about 3 years now. She's done hundreds of mermaids on paper, recycled paper, floor and including bedroom wall! here's her latest..done for fun.

Jo's picture story, done today.
 Nel's been drawing and reading a lot lately too. Today at art class, her teacher helped her do this drawing below. I think it's 60% Nel's and 40% teacher's work. Nevertheless a good attempt, and she'll be working on this still, till she improves.
Nel's pot, done with the help of her art teacher.
Here's what I've been working on..an oil painting of a turtle. It's half way done. The head's not done yet...and I've left it for  a while. No inspiration of late. thinking of changing the colour of the water. What do you  think? Should I?

Nel's been reading a lot lately too. All sorts of books, as seen below. She's really into speed reading now. If she likes a book, like the Roald Dahl one, and the Secret Seven series, she finishes it in one sitting.

Dolphin in the Deep (Animal Ark Classics #31)The WitchesFarmer Boy (Little House)

Little House in the Big Woods Book and Charm (Charming Classics)

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mom2kiddos said...

What got her so crazy over mermaids? Is it the cartoon The little Mermaid? Good sketch from Nel. I think that oil painting of yours is really good - I do prefer the colour of the water darker a bit, on the right.

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