3 Aug 2011

Uncle Bug's Invention workshop

We spent last saturday attending an invention workshop. The children were given a whole lot of recycled materials such as cardboards,  boxes, straws, strings, tapes etc etc. Then they were asked to invent something "usable" that would be helpful in the household or society. Here's what my girls made.

Nel made this stove. It's supposedly a digital/intelligent stove, and there's a salt dispenser on the side

Here's the inside of the stove

This was Jo's invention. A Special vacuum that supposedly sucks up spills and food and turns it into fertilizer that comes out on the other side into the container.

Well, we were surprised when Nel's work won her a consolation price.


michiko said...

You having a wonderful time with your children's
day by days that very interesting progress for their mind and I'm very happy to Nel's work won her price.
Enjoy your day.

gail said...

My nieces are so clever!

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