23 Jun 2011

Watercolour - Turtles

I've not been painting for a while.

Being a full time mum, who works part time, means I'm always busy with something, either doing house chores, cooking, grocery, laundry or working. But recently a good friend dropped by my house, looked at the pathetic old  collection of art on my porch and asked "You've not been painting?"

I shook my head and said "No...no time." I started painting late 2009 and took classes for a while, then I quit, "No time" and since then, I've hardly painted except for bits here and there. Well, my brushes were rotting and collecting dust recently when this dear friend's question really nudged me,  and inspired me to pick up em brushes again. So some work from this week, done bit by bit during some spare time in between my hectic schedule.

Inspired by our recent field trip,  Watching Turtles in the wild on a beach under moonlit skies

THis is a watercolour sketch, done under 20 mins.

I tried sketchin my doggie my hero  .Thought of starting a wildlife drawing collection, but since I can't find a lion or tiger here, I thought, heck, my dog will do. He's hyperactive though (the vet and groomer say so too!) It was tough drawing him, coz he wouldn't sit longer than 3 seconds.

I guess that's it for the week. I might not be around much this week and next. Giving blogging a short break.


Mini Mocha said...

Beautiful painting! I would love to try watercolour, this looks lovely. Your doggie sounds just like ours (very active) and love your drawings!

mom2kiddos said...

Those are beautiful. I like the 1st one - so realistic. Enjoy your break!

michiko said...

You have a lots of talents Martha that you are the music teacher and painting etc.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful painting!

Jade said...

You are so talented - I love the turtle paintings! I really enjoy sketching but I don't prioritise it enough. I've tried painting on and off over the years but I find it so much harder than sketching.

Enjoy your break and hopefully 'see' you soon,

deeps said...

how did you buy time now?
i would say you lost plenty of time when you could have used your brush because you got so much gift in you to paint...
nice works...
keep going.. :)

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