10 Jun 2011

Children reducing clutter

Our 2 weeks of school break is almost over. We thoroughly enjoyed our road trip to Southern Thailand and will definitely plan another to that country again sometime next year. The rest of the holiday has gone by so very quickly, spent mostly catching up with dear friends from near and abroad.

I've also had little guests staying over the past few days, and you can guess the mess. But it's cool coz I'm not working much this week. Other than that, I decided that there's too much clutter in this house. So today I told my kids we'd be donating some stuff. Their job was to look for 20 clothing items and 20 toys/books to donate.

It wasn't easy for them to decide what to keep and what to give. Initially they brought me broken stuff, bits of straws, plastic, underwears and cardboards. (see how much rubbish they found around?) I told them those items were thrash and not counted, and they would still have to find me the 20+20 items. So they searched, dug into their cupboards and shelves, and after about 2 hours, they brought the items to be donated. :) 

Other than that, see the resemblance between the 2 pictures? Jo drew a pic of my perfume and added bits to turn it into a princess.

We also made these puppets below. Brief instructions found on my other blog.
That's all the updates for this week. Looking forward to the weekend which starts right now. :) cheers!


mom2kiddos said...

That drawing is very "sui". Really she's artistic like her mommy. Happy weekend!

Divoo said...

aha! what a pretty princess that one is! :) i remember one of San's scribbles that looked like a bird in the nest! creative stuff! :) have a great weekend Hearts!

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