11 Jun 2011

Shopping in Thailand

During our recent road trip to Thailand , I took time to indulge in some Shopping, since I don't do that very much back home. Shopping in Thailand is heavenly (if you can bear the heat and crowd). Things are amazingly cheap and usually of good quality.

However, I'm not sure if it's because of my Love for Colours, or Rush for time, or Food poisoning that veered my better judging skills, and I ended up with garments which would have me looking like either...... Ali Baba's apprentice,..... possibly Aladdin's other sibling..... or Sindbad the sailor.

Here's pics of some purchases

A very colourful patchwork pants (like Aladdin's). But I admit, I love this purchase. Unique, colourful, comfortable.

Something that looks like a pirate's pants? And when I wear it, I do look like a pirate.LOL..but rugged and comfy nevertheless.

This top, I like. Only 25RM (less than 10 USD).

Not sure why I bought this...it will be home wear but again, cotton and comfy for a hot day.

Bells for my ankles

and Shells for my top.

Ok, kidding. My children played with this when we stayed at the  village  in Thailand. They were creating quite a ruckus together with their cousins. Well, actually a pretty good drum percussion team, but I had food poisoning so it was ruckus to me. So to stop all that noise, I told my girls "Tell you what, stop playing that for now, but I'll let you take that back to Malaysia, where you can use it as your percussion instrument." So that's how I ended up bringing these shells back with me. (like we don't have them here! haha...)

There are several more other favourite purchases. But I shall stop this post here and enjoy the weekend with my gals. Oh..and we just bought Nel a brand new bicycle. Not from Thailand, but from here.


mom2kiddos said...

Hahaha...I really thought you got those shells to go with your new pants! Hmmm....very hippy, gypsy-type choices. I'd be able to spot you from a mile away if you wear one of those. I do like #3

martha said...

haha...gypsy, hippy..you're right. ;). If you see one of these garments, wave ok? haha..

Martha said...

To my dear friends who read from FB or liked this post. I'm thankful too. coz you keep me writing. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your purchases! What fun!


martha said...

wow G, i'm glad you liked the "taste" haha. :)

Columba Lisa said...

I read several of your posts. This is a very fascinating blog. I enjoy reading insider accounts of other cultures. I'll be back to read more!
I love how you are raising your kids in the nurture, love, and admonition of the Lord. And you overcame the abuse from your school days. To me your story is yet another example of conventional school just being a poor idea. No one is better suited to teach children than their own parents.
Thanks for visiting my blog today!
God bless,

mom in rome said...

Oh yes!!! I totally understand you!!
When I went to Thailand....I left home with a small empty bag and got back with 4 huge bags full of any kind of stuff (kitchen dishes included!!!!! )

Shanda said...

I loved the night bazaars there!

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