7 Jun 2011

Sunrise in Patthalung -Road Trip Thailand (Part 2)

 This post is a continuation of our Road Trip to Thailand. Click Part I to see pics from the first part of the trip when we visited a beach and a remote village. Then there's Part III which consists just a few pictures from a  floating market  May take a while load because of the pictures.)

Patthalung (located about 2 hours from HatYai) is an amazing amazing Wetlands. You have to visit the place to understand the beauty that I'm talking about.

The View as we approach Pathalung

While on the very very long bridge, we saw these buffaloes grazing on the wetlands. A large part of Patthalung is like this, patches and patches of wetland. Beautiful scene.

The best time to see glorious Patthalung is very early in  the morning. I'd recommend waking by 5am, and being on the boat by 6am, no later.

Sunrise here is VERY breathtaking. As we were on the boat ride, I just enjoyed the cool morning breeze and the beautiful sunrise. The feeling of watching such beauty is beyond words...
On our boat journey

Our boat man took us past fields and fields of lily pads, and at 6am in the morning there are just so many species of birds everywhere! See the Egret on the lily pad?
Water Lillies bloom as the sun rises


We also sailed past areas like this, and some areas where there were water plants growing very close on both sides of the boat..all made a very interesting journey. Lots of fisherman up very early on the wetland
A Fisherman's Net

I think this man was catching crabs

One of the most exciting parts of the boat trip was when we came up close to these water buffaloes. Actually they were everywhere and our children were just thrilled with excitement. :) So was I! Oh yeah.
more of em...on these little pieces of land

Local children

If you venture beyond the main tourist street, you'll find a whole village on water.
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Lexie Lane said...

Wow Martha! What amazing photos! I can't stop looking at them. You highlight such beauty! Really Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I am going to include this on my Tweetdeck schedule, because I really do love them!

Lexie Lane

martha said...

thank you the encouraging comment Lexie :)
I love seeing the world through my camera lenses. :)

Lisa Ladrido said...

They are beautiful photos Martha! They should be in a Travel book!~Lisa

My Blog

Martha said...

thanks Lisa! :)

Shanda said...

I have been surfing your blog and love it. I grew up in Africa and spent all my adult life in Africa and Central America. We returned to the US 4 years ago with our three teenagers and so miss living in Third World Countries. That explains why I love your photos and stories so much.

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