14 Jun 2011

I'm a musician

I sit here transcribing songs again. I’ve been doing this for years, listening to songs in preparation for Sunday. Believe it or not I’m been playing music for church since the age of 9.

When I was 9, sight reading that thick Baptist hymnal book at church was a challenge (and I hated my classical piano lessons). So I’ve always chosen to play by ear instead.  I started playing by ear ever since I can remember, probably at age 4?

I remember friends and adults asking me, “how do you do that? What chord did you just play? “ My answer was always “I don’t know what chord it was, I just know how to play. I listen, I feel, I play.”

Now many years later, I’m a music lecturer, and I know the name of the chords I’ve been playing. I try to pass this knowledge on to a few. Some catch it, some don’t. I do realize one thing though, that when you use your talents for Him (God), He expands it, He increases it.

So, now I know the name of chords and stuff, do I analyze this stuff when I’m on the piano? No. When I’m on the piano, like I said, “I feel, I play.”                                                                   

What do I feel?

 Well…I feel His love envelope over me, I feel my heart overflow for the One who gave me this gift, I feel thanksgiving in my heart. And I offer my love to my Creator back in the form of music, which speaks more than words can.

Well.. almost three decades now since being a musician for Him. I’m still no world class musician, and probably will never be. But I know, when I serve God with my music, I give Him my best, and hope it is as sweet incense to Him.

A funny moment to share...

We had a minor blackout last night. As the lights went out suddenly I said "Oh no" and sat there without moving, too tired to think.

Little Jo came up to me and asked "May I borrow your handphone please? mum?"

I asked "what for?"

"Just trust me mum" said my little one. So I handed her my phone. She turned it on and off she went, out of the room.

A few moments later she returned with a flashlight. She switched it on, shone it all round the room, frowned and looked very serious. (I knew she was in acting/pretend mode again, like she often is)

Then she spoke with a put on, lower and serious voice "Everybody ok in here??" (like a police officer)

I replied "Yes."

"Good! Coz I don't want nobody getting hurt." She continued in that low, serious voice, (with an American accent too!). haha... cracked me up. LOL

I just grabbed her and tickled her and shortly after the lights came back on. :)


mom2kiddos said...

Your girl very good 'jaga' huh?. Wow I didn't know you are so musically talented as well. Do you give piano lessons?

Becky Jane said...

Thanks for the laugh! Good thing your daughter was there to keep you safe...lol

Martha said...

@mom2kiddos: I do give piano lessons but that is challenging coz most Msian kids do not have time to practice, and without practice, it's just a waste of time learning piano.

@beckyJane: yes my preschooler definitely kept us safe. LOL

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