7 Jun 2011

Floating Market -Road Trip Thailand Part 3

Another amazing place to visit, a floating market of course. Lots and Lots of good food, which I didn't dare to try, because unfortunately I'd eaten something wrong the day before and was down with horrid food poisoning. Some pictures below. Hope you read  Part I  (A Remote Village and SongKla) and Part II (Patthalung, amazing beautiful wetlands) of our road trip. Part II (Pathalung is especially beautiful.)


mom2kiddos said...

Love the new Header! The floating market is so colourful. Will go on over to Part 1 and 2 now.

Divoo said...

Lovely posts and lovely pix as always, hearts! I'm so glad that you found me and I found you. :) I'd missed reading about Nel and Jo! I too recently started Mummathon and I'm glad you're there to read it now. :)

Martha said...

@mom2kiddos: tx :) Yes, certainly Thailand is all about colours!
@Divoo: of course we'll always be in touch. I'm glad I found your blog again.

Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

love this pic!! can't wait to see more!!

michiko said...

Thank you for visit Martha, Sorry didn't I tell you I goes to my holidays with my younger son's family at Fiji Island?
When I come back that I find my problems on my comments at my friends blog-spots.

I find myself that I have more friends at there
which you can find me Blogger Dashboard:-)
Remind me to visit Divoo which I have her blog address.

The photos are beautiful Martha a good shot!
I can't add photos well as WLS place.
When add my holidays photos come up with one by one new blogs ways. So I kept in Draffts place.
Be back soon.

Martha said...

@FLAG thanks. :)
@Michi: thanks Michi. I hope you enjoyed your hols. Looking forward to your pictures! Fiji island must be beautiful! :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Martha!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my cheeky 2 yr old doing somersaults. I could still do that if I'm not pregnant hahaha.. so this has gotta wait till the baby in my bump is out! :P

Btw, I remembered the floating market in Thailand when I visited long long ago (like ermm... 15 years back) what a nice culture and eye opener!

Have a nice day! :)

Jade said...

Wow, this floating market is amazing! I'm sure you were right to be cautious after food poisoning, it's always so hard to know whether it's safe to eat from places like this. I tend to eat street food if I can see it being cooked really hot - meat fried in hot fat for example. I always want to try other stuff but sometimes I'm too concerned about the consequences.

In Uganda I did try sugar cane from a street market because it was given to me as a gift from a local friend and I was fine! It was so good too.

Thailand looks like such a colourful place. Have a lovely weekend,

iMentalMommy said...

My father is from Thailand and I was fortunate enough to visit 8 years ago. I got to meet long lost relatives and discover the other side of my culture. I hope to pass this on to my own children now. When they're older. I shudder at the thought of three young boys under the age of five..on an airplane...for 20 hours.

Martha said...

@jade, i love trying new food too..problem is I have a pretty sensitive stomach. haha.. oh well..
@MMommy: wow..so you have visited Thailand. that's cool. I'm sure a 20 hour flight stuck with three young boys will be rather interesting! ;)

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