14 Jun 2011

I love to throw, hubby loves to keep

I love to throw old stuff while my hubby loves to keep stuff.

So how do we settle this?

Well, I throw when I think he's not looking, and he retrieves when he thinks I'm not looking.

So how long will this tug of war last?   I'm not sure.
Perhaps till we have no more storage space and my hubby gives up and admits

"Honey, you were right."

Or till someone comes along and claims that we have antiques in our storage and pays us a bomb for them. In which case my hubby will say "See I was right!"  :)
What bout you? Do you keep or throw old stuff?


mumsgather said...

I keep. Hubby throws. :P

mom2kiddos said...

We're the opposite - I keep, my hubby likes to throw, but he'll check with me first; in case he throw away old stuff that might be worth something.

martha said...

wow....we are the opposites. haha.... well..I think most women keep sentimental things. I have one or two items which I keep no matter what. But generally when I can't stand the clutter, I start throwing. haha..

Becky Jane said...

My husband likes to throw, I used to keep, but about 5 years ago something changed inside me and now I throw even worse than my husband.

Martha said...

@becky: well..it's the same here. this throwing thing started about last year! I guess..with all the kids and stuff I needed peace and quiet, and throwing somewhat helps. hha:)

Anonymous said...

I try to throw and hubby likes to keep. If I get rid of stuff when he is not around he doesn't even notice!


Jessica said...

My grandparents are the exact same way. My grandpa keeps things and my grandma tosses. She worked out a plan with the housekeeper where each time the housekeeper comes she throws stuff away where my grandpa cant' find it.

Mommy J said...

It's the opposite in our house! Following you from VoiceBoks. Stop by if you have a chance
Mommy J

twitter: @momsbeingmoms

cam said...

hmmm... i'm a little bit of both. i can be a pack rat but there's nothing like a good purge. can i be a hybrid. a kee-row?

Divoo said...

interesting! i like to keep and my hubby likes to throw. :D but then, when the closet is about to overflow, i've to take a hard decision and let things go. :D

Martha said...

haha..Div! very tough decisions isn't it. :P

Anonymous said...

We go through the same thing in our house in the same way. We've started to reach compromises when we moved earlier this year. There's still a little of me throwing out while he's not looking. I found you through VoiceBoks and am now a follower!
Yankee Texan Mom

cell said...

gav and i are the same! he rescued one of his holey shirts twice before i finally did away with it! hehe

Martha said...

@cell...merciless Cell. hahaha.. :)

Syed Store said...

Hahhaha, my hubby is like taht, what I do, I donate hide stuff in my car and then donate, whatever I do not need. He always need everything.
I laughed so hard after reading this.
You blog very good.
I am bushra Syed from Voiceboks:
Let's follow each other and stay connected forever.

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