7 Jun 2011

A Road Trip-Southern Thailand (Part I)

Just last week we were on a road trip through Thailand. How fun it was! I won't write much (and I'm still recovering from food poisoning) but here are some pics from the first and second day, where we drove from HatYai to Songkla, and then to a remote village on the third day. (may take a while to load, many pictures.)

TutTut in HatYai. We did go on a ride, just for fun.

See these insects? Three brave people ate them. Jo, Lo and I. We didn't get food poisoning from these by the way. And yes, they were crunchy and delicious! haha..

We had a really DELICIOUS dinner by the beach here where we celebrated my dad's birthday.

As we were wondering by the beach in SongKhla, Jo jumped into the water, and found this live starfish!!! It's legs were still all wriggling. Children had a fascinating time touching and feeling it before letting it go.

Here you see them all running, coz a fisherman came by and made waving signs with his hands. We looked out to sea and saw a school of Dolphins!!! Ah how EXCITING! we followed them for a while till the dolphins disappeared further out

2nd day we headed for this very very remote village. See our children running already? :)
I'm glad then when we arrived, some of our children said "Mum, This place is LOVELY!" That was wonderful to hear. :)

This is the house we stayed in. See the large water jars? The villagers use these to collect rain water for drinking purposes. No boiling or cooking, just drunk straight as it is.

late 80's and going strong!

River beside the village. My children and cousins spent many hours running around, chasing chickens, disturbing the cows and watching stars at night.

Padi fields everywhere surrounding the village. The tall palms are Sea Coconut. Villagers plant them to mark land borders

The room where we stayed, where we were swarmed by 100's of mozzies. Umm...whatever repellent we bought from pharmacists certainly DIDN'T WORK!

A family on this machine which is used to plow the land

this farmer kept smiling everytime he passed us by. See how the Egrets are swooping in looking for food

The 5 exploring a Tiger Prawn Farm

On Route to Patthalung we stopped by to visit a friend's aunt.

NEXT STOP  Patthalung  (BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING WETLANDS!) followed by a floating market

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