29 Apr 2011

Children Packing for Travel - Nel's List

My children have been packing their own luggage for a year now, and that’s made travel preparations for me a LOT easier.
Initially it was a hassle getting them to pack their own travel bag, and many times I was  tempted to just “shoo” them away and do it myself. But I tarried, bore with the mess and numerous re-packings, and now they’re almost independent! Hooray!
I remember the first time I assigned them the task of packing their own stuff for a 3 day trip. They brought out almost everything from the closet, from party dresses to torn comfy home rags. It was a mess! In the end I had to set aside what was really needed and then refold a whole mountain of clothes, to be re stacked back in their closet! So much work!
But after a few times, they’ve become smarter at picking the right clothes. Usually I get them to select stuff they want to bring, then I look through it, we discuss, throw out some, add some and then they put it all in their own luggage.
There were a few times when I got lazy and we ended up with odd garments. Such as the time when Jo packed her swimming bag. She got the swimsuit right. But the clothing that she put in there for after swim was a grand ballroom dress a friend had given! I asked “What for? WHY???!!” She replied, “ So my friends can see how beautiful I am.” ;) And there was also the 7 volumes of Peter and Jane and heavy books she brought to Tasik Kenyir! And also the time we went camping, and I was horrified to find ONLY dresses in Jo’s bag! ;)
Nel has made less mess at this, except for a time she totally forgot undies for an 11 day trip. Otherwise, she’s my careful packer. J
Well.. I’m glad I  bit my tongue (instead of nagging) as they packed for all those trips. This weekend we travel, and Nel has especially planned items to bring for the entire family! I’m embarrassed to say she even asked me “mum, you have to wear a bra. How many shall I put on your list for you?” haha… She even remembered Daddy’s face cream, plastic bags for wet swimsuits, kneepads, sunblock for the swimpool…stuff I would have overlooked!
Ok, off now to check Jo’s luggage or she’ll be caving and hiking in gowns! ;)

Nel's List (excuse the scribble), some in words, some in pictures. (see the bra on the top? that was for me! haha..)


gail said...

I love the pictures. Dypers?

Martha J. Lee said...

haha..G..i think she meant Diapers.. We carry it for emergency toilet call in the car for the little one. ;P

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