15 Apr 2011

cooking rice

Some evenings, I teach late. As I was teaching yesterday, Jo little one, came up and said "I'm hungry mum." I whispered for her to go cook the rice. Usually she'll ask me to help a little bit, but this time she didn't at all.

 After work, I walked to the kitchen,  looked in my rice pot n found the rice perfectly cooked. She'd even mixed brown n white rice 4 health. :) I'm proud of her.

 As for Nel, she'd help me peel all carrots and sliced them up. But she didn't end there, she helped me take in all the laundry and hung up the newly washed load. I'm truly blessed by my little ones.

1 comment :

michiko said...

What a lovely story of your children and I'm very proud of them too.
It was came from all the years your love Martha:-)
They watch everything you do,
Behavior yourselves....
Have a great weekend,

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