27 Apr 2011

Conversation with Jo my little gal

This evening after Nel left for her swimming class, Jo (aged 5+)and I sat down for dinner together. As we ate, her little inquisitive mind started wondering as usual. She asked "Mum, what year were you born in? I mean, are you a horse, mouse, pig, whatever?"

"You're talking about the Chinese Calendar right Jo? Those are just to remind us what year we're born in." I replied.

"I know mum, but what are you??" she asked impatiently.
"Well, I'm actually a mouse."
"Oh that's not fair mum." replied Jo. "I wish I was the mouse, coz I like Repicheep from Narnia. So what am I mum?"

"well Jo, you were born in the year of the Rooster."

"But mum, I came from your womb right? right??" she asked, with lots of hand gestures as usual. "Well, if I came from your womb, then, I'm supposed to be a mouse right? But...but insteadddd...." she said while dragging that last word, "instead, I'm a CHICKEN!"

She said that last word with a high squawking voice, eyes wide open, hands up in the air in horror.

I had a really good laugh!!!

Yesterday for devotion I talked to my children about the meaning of contentment, about being happy with what we have. Just a few minutes into discussion, I asked "So who can tell me the meaning of the word "content"?

Jo's hands went up and she said "Me! me! ME! I know! I know! I know! Well, FIRST, you take a book alright? You take the book, turn the cover, turn a few pages, and there you see "CONTENT!"

haha...her response took me by total susprise!

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gail said...

She is so funny! Smart, too!

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