22 Apr 2011

Thread the Needle

  Making these bunnies require stitching. I hardly sew. The only one sewing project I've ever completed is a large Precious Moments cross stitch work which I gave to my sis in law as a wedding present. I took one year to complete that after multiple procrastination and stops. After that, I vowed never to start another cross stitch! haha...  

However, my mum loves sewing. She sewed most of my childhood dresses, curtains for the house, dresses for my babies and host of other projects. She still sews! When she hit her late 30's or early 40's, I remember mum asking me to help her thread the needle. I used to think "man, I'm better at this then my mum." :)  or "Oh no, not again, why can't mum thread her own needles!"

But as I did my bunny project yesterday, I, now in my late 30's, found myself squinting hard as I tried to get that darn thread through the needle. And since my children are still young, I was tempted to get help from Ju (age 16, who's like daughter to me) by asking her to help me thread the needle.

Then pride held me back...and I told myself, "nah...not now", perhaps in a year or 2, I'll humbly ask my children to help me... thread the needle. 

(Do hop over to the other blog, if you're keen on trying this project for yourself.) Making Socks Bunny.

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