7 May 2011

Spelunking (Caving), Rafflesia and Raja Brooke all at Kampar

Last month we spent some time studying facts about  caves  . To conclude the series of studies, we decided on a Caving adventure! Initially I was a little worried, not knowing if  my girls, especially Jo (5+) will do ok or freak out under tunnels. I'm thankful to say, we all enjoyed it! :)

We spent an awesome weekend caving in Gua Tempurung. We also went hunting for Rafflesia on a leech infested trail at Ulu Geroh, and then quietly viewing the very beautiful Raja Brooke Butterflies. To read more, do visit these posts on my other blog (Link below).

Raja Brooke Butterflies and Rafflesia at Ulu Geroh
Caving, Rafflesias and Raja brooke butterfly
A Rafflesia Bud we saw at Ulu Geroh (Do also check out my post on Rafflesias in G Gading, Sarawak)  Gunung Gading Rafflesia

A Raja Brooke butterfly we saw. this is alive and well. We let it go after holding it just for a few seconds.

Level 3 Caving will take you through large underground tunnels such as the above, and also through narrow ones where you'll have to crawl flat on your belly through water. Exciting for me and my girls!


michiko said...

So glad you are doing well as healthy Mum:-)
The photos are very beautiful especially a Buteerfly's one's that I never has seen before.
I wishs A Happy Mother's day.

gail said...

Leeches? Leeches! This gives me visions of Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen.

Your photos are amazing!

Happy mother's day to a great mom!

Martha J. Lee said...

thank you dear Gail and Michi.. you're both beautiful mums who've encouraged me since my children were young. Happy Mother's Day to you both. love you.

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