25 Apr 2011

down with a cold

Days like these when I'm sick with a cold,
a pounding headache and a very sore throat,
I'm thankful for my children, who without being told
have made their own breakfast of biscuits and oats.

I'd like to continue the above.. but my head's telling me to get back to bed. It's been a long time since I've been sick, and being sick is no fun. I've canceled classes, but it  means replacements when I get well.

My girls were wonderful, Nel  made Jo her morning milk. They had breakfast together, and they got me some too! Then there's the mountain of clothes which has been sitting in my kitchen. Well, believe it or not, Nel folded that whole mountain up, neatly too! Jo once again cooked the rice, and all I had to do was to cook 2  simple dishes of vege and canned sardines. Thank God for canned foods at times like this!

well..i must go lie down again. with plenty of rest I hope to get well really soon.
Aside from helping round the house, my Nel wrote scripts for Jo to read, like a teacher would. Then they both read their own books.  Once finished, Jo as usual went about with some mischief again, this time drawing mermaids and princesses on a piece of cloth which her daddy uses to wipe the car windows. Oh my...don't know what her dad's reaction is gonna be!


gail said...

What wonderful children! I pray that you are well very soon, dear one.

michiko said...

You are deserves to be well look after from your daughters, Now you can seen how much you have done in the past for them.
So glad your family are toward bright future.
Hope you are getting better by now.
Take care,

Martha J. Lee said...

Dear Michi and G,
I'm much better today, except for a slightly sore throat and a stuffed nose. thank God for that!

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