20 Apr 2011

Leave it!

You know those days when you feel like you've no energy?.. Yes??   I'm glad it's not just me who knows such days. Well today was such a day. Just lethargic with no energy.

I had to take extra cups of coffee to help me get through the day. Yeah, I remember, my cardiologist's advice was "no coffee," but how do I get the much needed energy boost then?

Woke up with a heavy head from a lack of sleep (again). Blame it on the thunderstorm last night. It was thundering half the night with several house alarms going off nearby. In the middle of the night both my girls woke and ran to our room.

Still we got up on time, went through the usual day's routine, with me being extra grouchy and fierce! haha...(ok, no laughing matter as far as my children are concerned, they dislike fierce mum!) Noon came, and extra coffee helped me stay awake during the piano classes I had to teach.

Then suddenly, Boom! Bang! RAIN! Who would've thought it'd rain again after the storm last night! Well it did. When I got done teaching, I found half my laundry hanging on the fence drenched! *heavy sigh*

Wanted to put it back in the washer  to rewash and then realised that there was an extra load in the machine, which I'd washed in the morn and forgot to dry. *double sigh*

With this kinda day.... I thought.."Leave it!" Let the wet clothes remain OUTSIDE, and let the washed clothes remain IN the washer. I'll do double load tomorrow again. So I slammed shut my washing machine, closed the door on my wet laundry hanging outside and walked IN.
As I was typing this, Jo came and stood quietly next to me and said in a serious voice "Mum, I'm pregnant, you need to help me get the baby out."
I nearly fell out of my chair from real shock, coz of the seriousness of her voice. I had a good laugh when I looked at her, dressed in a long gown with an overcoat, handbag under her arms and high heels. In her gown there was an actual baby doll. haha. As for Nel, she spent most of her free time today reading. We read bout environmental pollution, and she seems interested in that topic. 


michiko said...

All we have had unwanted visits in middle of night
and that make you very tired in next morning.
Especially in the early morning I can't get back asleep and next day will be grumpy woman ha ha ha
Never mind you are still younger lady Martha...
you will be alright for your energy level:-)
Enjoy your day,

Martha J. Lee said...

hi Michi, I'm younger, but can get grouchy too..like PMS days. haha.. :)

gail said...

Oh, Martha, we all have those days. Turning your back on the wash was probably a very good idea.

Martha J. Lee said...

it's wonderful to know someone understands what I went through G. :)

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