28 Apr 2011

Science- Skeletons

We had a rather interesting class today. MNee came with this cool chart that’s entitled “One Human Body Being Cooked Up.” She taught us about the compounds and minerals that go towards the make up of our body, what these compounds look like and how they're found in other objects around us. Well, it was mostly new information to me!
Then we continued with the study of bones and our skeleton. For this,  we  used Belair Science Programme Year 4 by Sue Harris (which meets the National Curriculum in England and Wales.) First we looked at some pictures of bone structures and discussed several things such as the function of bones, bones and growth etc. We also looked at  the definition of Vertebrate and Invertebrate, Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton.
We then went on to do the bit of assignment given, which was to measure each other’s arm length, then using the information for further discussion.  The children really enjoyed this portion of exercise.
Each child had to take 3 measurements of a friend's hand, then get the average.
Finally, the mums and older children helped draw the outline of children’s body on black paper, which drew lotsa giggles! (ummm..best for boys to partner boys, and girls with girls. Or even better, mums to draw their own children's frame.) As they drew, I pointed out the parts of the body that the crayon was passing by.  Eg. "This is your skull, going near your collar bone...Passing by your humerus now, and now very near your rib cage etc etc." 
Guess, who's frame?
We also looked at the hastily made skeleton (which I put together last night), the older children helped put the missing parts together and then we called it a day.
holding the half made skeleton. Children had to complete it by adding and naming the missing parts
Later during free time Nel took her frame and added  own drawings of ribs and bones and labeled them.

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gail said...

I would have enjoyed being there! I am always looking to learn new things. Plus, I'd get to give you and the girls a hug! auntie g

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