14 Apr 2011

Literature - Behind the Bedroom Wall

BEHIND THE BEDROOM WALL-LEXILE 660 LEVEL 3 (READ 180 STAGE B, STAGE B LEVEL 3)Someone gave us some old books to read. Amongst the books was Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura E Williams. The book given was rather tattered and torn, and I was just about to throw it away when Nel begged me to read it to her. I guess, the picture on the front attracted her attention.

Sure Nel loves to read her own books, but there is always a book of the week which I read to them, almost daily, when I have the energy. So this is the book of the week, Behind the Bedroom Wall.

Let me just be lazy and copy an excerpt found on Amazon.com. The review goes -

Grade 5-8?Korinna, 13, loves her country and is active in the Jungmadel, Hitler's youth group for girls. When she learns that her parents are hiding Jews, she is shocked and angry. A series of events, including her reluctant, but growing attachment to the little girl hidden behind the wardrobe in her room, leads her to conclude that the price of being loyal to the Fatherland is too high. It is Korinna's quick thinking that saves the family during a night raid. The atmosphere and mood of the times are palpable, with Korinna and her family forced to flee Germany. If the characters are "types," such as the brave father, the nasty so-called "best" friend, and the vicious Gestapo agent, they are clearly drawn and appropriately employed in a fast-moving, believable plot with an inevitable ending.?Amy Kellman, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Well Jo  has also become captivated by the book and listens attentively when I read. Both my children have grown to love the story of how Korina, who at first hated Jews and called her parents "traitors", eventually transforms, and rescues her family during a raid.

Since we're on this book, I've decided to add on Anne Frank, as well as a brief history of Hitler and the war.
Our favourite short story of the week : "Phewtus the Squirrel" by V.H. Drummond.

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gail said...

Amazing. Their empathy is so evident.

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