21 Apr 2011

Milo or Coffee?

Fancy giving your child Coffee for breakfast? Well...that's what I did this morning, or almost did!!
We woke up late and rushed to meet an early appointment with some mums at the National Science Center this morn. Before leaving, hurriedly I asked my kids, "Want some milo?"

Milo or
"Yes!" they replied. So I opened my cupboard, took out some green sachets which I thought was Milo 3 in 1. I made the drinks quickly, some for them and some for me. It was brown, like the colour of Milo too. Anyway, It's a good thing I made some for me, coz usually I don't drink Milo, makes me feel nauseous.

Before heading out, I took a quick gulp of the drink and was surprised by the taste that hit my tongue. I shouted to the kids "STOP! DON'T DRINK THAT, it's COFFEE! !" (I don't give coffee to my kids, simply coz I myself can't take too much of it. It gives me palpitations (SVT) and thrice I've landed in the hospital's emergency ward because of it.)

"Well...no wonder it smelt so different mum!" replied Nel. I looked for the sachets I used, turned them over to discover this.

Can't believe Old Town White Coffee has now created green sachets!! Coffee's supposed to come in brown packets, not green!

Ok, now off to find out when did hubby get these.


jessy said...

Ted must have got it to keep alert for night shifts.

BTW my Joseph loves coffee, sometimes curi from my cup.

:) love your posting, keep writing.

Martha J. Lee said...

haha..i think you're right Jessy. Wow, Joseph and coffee! I can't believe it! :)

Justine said...

LOL. Good thing you caught it! If not, man everyone will be bouncing off the walls :)

gail said...

Here, green usually indicates decaf coffee!

Martha J. Lee said...

Justine: Yes I agree, then I'd have hyper children who'll refuse to sleep till dawn! ;)

G: Well, I wouldn't mind if it had been decaf! LOL! but here, green means MILO (hot choc drink.)

michiko said...

Oh my goodness! So glad don't drink it,
I just wondering have you told your husband?
But it is easirly to do by mistaken.

I have has drank the gargle solution for cough mixture(they were same color and same size of bottles) This was happened when I has a bad cold with half asleeps in the middle of night but strange enough that works okay LOL!

Have a Happy Easter with your family,

Monica said...

Found you on bloggy moms.. btw, Milo for me.. I grew up drinking it back in the Philippines.visit is www.flagphil.blogspot.com

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